Arts & Literature – Shift Your Weight

October 14 at 3 pm with Maj Kalfus

Keeping a sense of humor during difficult times sometimes means you need to “shift your weight”.  Artist Maj Kalfus shares how a shift in perspective can distract from turmoil, insecurity, and artistic roadblocks.

You may wonder what Shift Your Weight has to do with challenging times…I actually wrote it on my studio wall. We all know what it feels like to stand in one position too long, or sit in one position until our foot falls asleep. What do we do? We shift our weight. It generally solves the problem and alleviates the ache.

During these challenging times, to solve artistic conundrums or life problems, it is often helpful for me to shift my weight. I shift my focus and my attention away from the stress by distracting myself with something new or different.

So, rather than wonder why my art is so divergent …know that it is just me shifting my weight when need …

This event is made possible with public funds from the NYS Council on the Arts Decentralization Program administered by the Greene County Council on the Arts.