Nalozone – Opiod overdose prevention

September, 18 Tuesday  6:00 – 7:30 pm

Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services

Training Description:
Naloxone has been fundamental in the efforts to decrease rates of fatal overdoses. This training teaches first responders, likely opioid overdose witnesses and community members to understand, recognize, respond to and reverse suspected opioid overdoses using naloxone. Participants will learn ways to obtain free or low-cost naloxone for personal use. This training is modeled after the evidence-based SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit.
Training objectives include:
• to increase understanding and awareness of fatal overdoses related to opioids and the impact within the community
• to identify risk factors for an overdose
• to be able to recognize a suspected overdose
• to be able to identify the five essential steps for first responders as outlined in the SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit in the event of an overdose
• to be able to correctly use naloxone to save lives
• to understand how to access the Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (NCAP) to obtain free or low-cost naloxone.
Who Should Attend:
This interactive training is tailored for first responders or other likely witnesses to an opioid overdose.
Why Attend:
• to become part of the solution to solving the opioid issue in the community
• to learn how to save a life during an overdose situation
• to receive education on crucial information related to opioids and the surrounding community