Library Services Resume

Good News!

Books, DVDs, Magazines are again available for you.

Initially our OPEN hours will be reduced.

4pm – 7pm Monday – Friday

11am – 2pm Saturday

Although, due to the COVID-19 necessary restrictions our physical building is closed, NCFL staff is ready to get you the things you want and to place them on the porch table with a time frame for you to pick them up.  Please place all your returns into the book drop yourself.  Staff are not to touch these please.

All items we receive from you, other libraries or our vendors, will be held in quarantine for 3 days.  We will not check them in until that time is up.  IF you incur fines they will be waived.  This procedure will keep you and us safe.  It will also lengthen the time for delivery of books.  Please be patient during this time.