a few changes

If you have stopped in this week, you know that changes were in the making. I am happy to say that all the boxes of unavailable audio CDs are now back on shelves. They are on the same shelves but in a different place. Many thanks go out to Cyndie (volunteer extraordinaire) and Maggie, our newest volunteer, for moving boxes, sorting and putting back. There is a small amount of overflow on a wooden shelf unit, which looks like it was built in the 1950’s and has a plaque on it dedicated to John Douglas. Henrietta was the Librarian here for a long time, as well as a school teacher in the old schoolhouse when it had 2 rooms. A big shout out and very Special thanks goes to Mark Reamer for all his hard work and time in making this happen. No one could have done it better! The back of the Library has a small seating area which can be used for meeting in. It will be able to hold a hybrid meeting using our zoom account and your members. Contact us for availability.

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