Spring Walks

Jenifer Rosete, Conservation Education Coordinator Columbia Land Conservancy led us to the Siegel-Kline Kill. The water was high – still, look at these waders she put the kids into and off they went into the stream. They had a Wonderful and educational time looking under rocks and identifying bugs. This was an easy walk, close to Ghent center.

The CCLA donated a backpack with lots of informational booklets on Pond & Stream life, a small net, MAGNIFYING GOGGLES, tray, and other assorted material. It is perfect for anyone taking a closer look at our creeks. Come to the library and check it out for a walk with your family in this warm spring weather. (The weatherman said that today would be sunny with cloud cover. What’s that?) Anyway, we had a great time and i hope you will too. There is also a Bird Watchers backpack and a Night Sky backpack, complete with a monocular to view the moon.

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