Eco Cooking – Chef Linda Romeo

Chef Linda Romeo prepared some delicious, local, in-season edibles for all (and take away) who attended Eco Cooking on August 17th. Linda challenged us to think sustainably while enjoying great food: it’s not that hard just takes more thought to change our habits. ‘A little planning can reduce not only your carbon footprint but also your electrical bill. A tomato based pasta source does not need to cook for hours’ – Chef proved it with an exquisite pasta & tomato dish. ‘37% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems and up to 61% of these gasses come from home cooking’. Other energy efficient ideas for cooking in order are: using the microwave, slow-cooker, instant pot and air-fryer. The oven uses the most energy drain of all methods of preparing food. Thanks Chef Linda for agreeing to work with the Live & Learn committee with some really thoughtful information on Eco Cooking.

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