Live & Learn Committee Meets February 27

The Committee welcomes new ideas and members to expand upon the original goal of a “life-long institute to share knowledge and promote learning” run by volunteers to “increase civic engagement” in our community. This effort blossomed into the ELIK Committee, now know as Live & Learn, which has been providing engaging programing for seniors as well as inter-generational groups. The image (left) is an example of one of our programs in 2022. Each program has a chair and co-chair that use a planning template to guide the process and ensure each event is organized and ready for participants.  New volunteers can ease into the process. Please consider joining to promote learning and participation in our community! Contact library director, Vicki Wills at [email protected] or 518-766-3211 to volunteer or for more information. New ideas and thoughts are very welcome.

If you’re curious about future Live & Learn offerings use this link: ( Some past programs were recorded on Zoom and are still accessible: (

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