Earth Day at the Sycamore

The North Chatham community gathered Earth Day, April 22, 2023 to celebrate it’s ‘Oldest Living Inhabitant’. “With its peeling white bark and majestic arms, it reaches out and warms our hearts and the hearts of all who pass this way” (words of George Vollmuth). The Sycamore is a designated Bicentennial tree – here at the birth of our country! George measured its girth and estimates its age at 307 years old: some others estimate its life at 360 years. The NC community came together to share food and spend time with this old Sycamore. A ribbon bunting was made to festoon the tree (Thanks to Isa) as we enjoyed a parade! Fine music surrounded us and many got up to help in its creation. Adele Bueno blessed us with a magnificent cake of the tree to finish the event.

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