Price of Freedom: Some Pay More Than Others – Recording on youtube

Julie Kabat and Judy Wright

Price of Freedom recorded on youtube

Due to the graciousness of Judy Wright & Julie Kabat, a recording of this program can be seen in its entirety.

This reading and conversation with two authors promises to make history more real. Judy Wright and Julie Kabat have overlapping stories to tell about the Civil Rights Movement in the crucial years of the early 1960’s. By looking back at the past, they hope to inform and inspire anyone who wants to understand what is happening concerning issues of race today. The facilitator will help make connections between then and now.


Judith Frieze Wright is the author of ACTS OF RESISTANCE: A Freedom Rider Looks Back on the Civil Rights Movement. She became a Freedom Rider and was jailed in Mississippi in 1961. Later, in the fall of 1964 just after Freedom Summer, she went with her husband Sib to Meridian, Mississippi where they worked for a year in the Civil Rights Movement. She is a visual artist who lives in Gloucester, MA.

Julie Kabat is the author of LOVE LETTER FROM PIG: My Brother’s Story of Freedom Summer. For most of her career, she worked both as an avant-garde composer/performer who toured nationally and abroad, and also as a teaching artist in inner city and rural schools. She is a resident of North Chatham and longtime trustee of the North Chatham Free Library.

Julie’s oldest brother Luke was a medical student who volunteered as a Freedom School teacher in Meridian, MS during the summer. He returned to Meridian for six weeks in the fall, which is when he and Judy Wright became friends.


Mar 24 2021