Business Resources

Business Insights Collection

  • Contains over 3,900 magazines and journals, nearly 25,000 industry reports, nearly 11,000 company histories and nearly 500,000 company profiles. Easy access to in-depth information on U.S. and international businesses, industries and products. You can:
  • Easily research companies, industries and business topics in the context of timely news and reports (See Company Finder).
  • Instantly analyze and compare financial and statistical data with interactive charting tools (See Interactive Comparison Charts).
  • Utilize data from Gale staple publications, including International Directory of Company Histories, Market Share Reporter, Business Rankings Annual, Encyclopedia of American Industries and many others.
  • Access company profiles and industry rankings, as well as brand and product information (See Industries).
  • Access SWOT reports, financial analysis tools, business associations, investment reports and market research reports.
  • Video Tutorials: Getting started with Business Insights: Essentials