Computer Use Policy

Policy Statement

The North Chatham Free Library provides access to a wide range of services and materials through the use of public access computers. The library hopes to satisfy its members’ recreational and practical interests with the use of emerging technologies and provides access to library and community information, the Internet, various software programs including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation and desktop publishing programs.


  1. There is no charge for use of the library’s computers.
  2. The library is equipped with wireless access that allows patrons to use computers in the building or in the parking lot.
  3. The NCFL is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of conditions beyond our control such as computer viruses, electrical malfunctions, power surges, etc.
  4. Computer users are bound by local, state, and federal laws relating to copyright, security, obscenity, or any Illegal acts and may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal officials.
  5. Computers may not be used in a manner inconsistent with the library’s tax-exempt status or its proper operation.
  6. Users may not operate a business or distribute unsolicited advertising.
  7. Users may not copy software using library computers.
  8. Users must not attempt to damage any computer equipment or software.
  9. Users may not invade the privacy of others.
  10. Users may not engage in any activity that is libelous, harassing, or maliciously offensive.
  11. Users may not use the library’s workstations as a staging ground to gain unauthorized access to the Library’s networks or computer systems or to any other network or computer system. Users may not make any attempt to alter software configurations.
  12. With the exception of headphones and USB storage devices, hardware and software other than that provided by the Library cannot be attached to or used with Library computers.
  13. Misuse or unauthorized use of library computers and information resources may result in revocation of library privileges. If such action is taken, the patron will be informed by letter from Director.
  14. Users under the age of 10 must be supervised by a parent or designated adult.
  15. Minors who abuse computer policies will first receive a verbal warning. If problem behavior continues, the Director will send a letter requesting a conference with the parent or guardian of the child and library privileges may be revoked.
  16. Computers are available for public use on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to a one-half hour, unless no one is waiting.
  17. Work can be saved to the user’s removable media, e.g., USB storage device.
  18. Users may not use sounds or visuals that disrupt other library patrons.
  19. Printing from the computers is the same cost as copying.

Staff Assistance

Library staff is available for general assistance as helper, facilitator, guide, or coach. Staff is not expected to train patrons in the use of application programs. Library staff provides limited assistance procedures but cannot offer in-depth personal instruction in the use of a pc or software applications other than the Library’s own automation software and electronic databases. Any patron who needs more than basic assistance and guidance is encouraged to register for a one-on-one tutorial.

Approved by Library Board 11-8-2018

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