Winter Reading: Cork O’Connor series

One of the best things about the nasty weather is it forces us to slow down and enjoy some much deserved reading. We here at the library are enjoying the Corcoran O’Connor series by William Kent Kruger. These books take place in the hills, mountains and lakes surrounding Aurora, Minnesota. … Read more

Bird Migration

A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul is now on our shelves. It is part of our current display in the back. We were able to purchase this book, and others of all reading levels thanks to the Fund for Columbia County of … Read more

Sandy Connors’ new book

Sandy Connors’ most recent publication is “Seasons”. She has presented to the NCFL copy 23 of 65 of her most recent little hand-grafted “Seasons”. This book may be enjoyed inside the Library. The beautiful wood carving are created by her. Sandy says ” Seasons — a compilation of my favorite … Read more

Book Review – “Call Us What We Carry” by Amanda Gordon

book cover of Amanda Gorman's "Call Us What We Carry"

To me, it feels like a privilege to read Amanda Gordon’s poetry – to hear her unique voice and inhabit her language and her world. As our youngest-ever U.S. Poet Laureate, she explores the current ethos of our shared pandemic isolation, uncertainty, and grief, and the ever-raw, intergenerational trauma of … Read more

Judy Staber’s new book received an excellent review in Chronogram

Judy Staber book jacket for "Rise Above It, Darling"

Rise Above it, Darling: The Story of Joan White—Actor, Director, Teacher, Producer and (Sometimes) Mother  Judy White StaberTroy Book Makers, 2022, Joan White, who died in 1999, was a consummate professional. On stage, her comedic chops earned her a lifelong harvest of rave reviews; behind the scenes, her directing and … Read more

Hoopla Book Club

Unlimited reads at the same time. The Girls in the Stilt House, is such a masterful piece of historical fiction that it’s hard to believe it’s Kelly Mustian’s debut. Expertly crafted and assuredly told, it’s a captivating, moving tale that will sweep you away to the heat, humidity, and stickiness … Read more

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